School holidays

Journey through the Gaol these school holidays and choose how you will serve time.

Journey Through Gaol is your chance to experience the twists and turns of prison life and decide how you will spend your time in gaol. The decisions you make will have consequences and determine the people you meet along the way, the experiences you have and your long-term fate. You’ve committed the crime; you must do the time…. Or will you choose to escape?

If your journey is cut short you can choose to start again and make different life decisions. With seven different destinies to discover Adelaide Gaol will keep you busy these school holidays!

Once you've finished you’ll be rewarded with the next limited edition school holiday badge to add to your collection. There’s a new badge to collect every school holidays – so get in fast.

: Saturday 17 December - Sunday 29 January

Time: 10am - 4pm (last entry 3pm)

Cost: free with entry.